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At A L E Scarpa | Remote Hands, we specialize in security solutions designed to protect your business. Our SonicWall firewall lineup ensures robust network security, while Kaspersky Anti-Virus packages defend against malware and ransomware, and enhanced control over each device's activities. We also offer cloud solutions for secure data management.

Additionally, we're testing Starlink antennas, a game-changer for uninterrupted internet access, even during landline incidents or ISP failures. Discover how our innovative solutions fortify your business against digital threats, ensuring your peace of mind and success.

Our Products

SonicWall Firewalls


Protecting your network is paramount in today's digital landscape. SonicWall offers a robust lineup of security solutions designed to safeguard your business. From the small office to larger enterprises, we have the right firewall for your needs. Our Sonicwall 7th gen models are meticulously engineered to provide exceptional security while accommodating various network bandwidths and traffic demands. SonicWall firewalls offer industry-leading threat prevention, intrusion detection, content filtering, and more, ensuring your data stays safe and your business remains secure.

Anti-virus Kaspersky

Defend your systems and data against evolving cyber threats with Kaspersky Anti-Virus packages. Our comprehensive security solutions are designed to shield your business from malware, ransomware, and other digital dangers. For enhanced control and protection, consider our Business Plus package, which empowers you to manage devices efficiently and optimize security settings. Kaspersky also offers cloud solutions, providing seamless security for cloud services and ensuring your data remains protected in the cloud, where it matters most.

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Redundancy and uninterrupted connectivity are essential for modern businesses. Our Starlink antennas will revolutionize your internet access experience. With Starlink, you can count on a continuous internet connection even in the face of landline incidents or the failure of traditional ISPs. We're working diligently to bring this cutting-edge solution to you, ensuring your business stays online when you need it most.

Solar Power

Harness the power of the sun to bolster your network security with our solar solutions. In today's interconnected world, uninterrupted network access is paramount. Our cutting-edge solar panels ensure a constant and reliable power source for your critical systems, all while delivering significant cost savings in energy consumption. By embracing sustainable energy, you not only fortify your network's resilience but also enjoy substantial reductions in your operational expenses, allowing you to invest in other areas of your business. Choose our solar panel solutions to not only secure your network but also to unlock a brighter, more cost-efficient future.

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